Significado de "jack, john, smith..."

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Hi guys!

I know we have already discussed the translation of some words like "john" > in Portuguese "banheiro".
However, it is curious to see proper names used to indicate something else.


Jack (name) > "Jack is my friend."
It can be a name or nickname.
Jack > tomada
Jackfruit > jaca

Smith (name) > "Smith is his surname."
A name or a profession: Someone who works with metal.
Smith > ferreiro

Rosemary > "Rosemary is a herb."
Rosemary > alecrim

Joe > "The average Joe who works for a living."
Joe > A guy, a man, an ordinary man.
Joe > um homem comum

Deve ter muitos outros, mas lembrei de alguns. Desculpe caso tenha sido redundante.


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O que falar de Dick, apelido de Richard?
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Só complementando:

jack também é "macaco (de carro)"

Cool uh!
I have a question. Is it a normal term (anyones knows) or a restricted term (only to youth or an certais city, for exemple)?
Cinnamon 15 61 498
Pretty common:

A device for lifting heavy objects, especially one for raising the axle of a motor vehicle off the ground so that a wheel can be changed or the underside inspected.
From Oxford Dictionaries

As one can see it is common language, but not slang (gíria). Used in mechanics as well as in everyday conversation.

By the way, "jack" is a very useful word and it has many meanings.