Sites that may help you with writing...

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See specially these topics:

-Determine your approach and style of the statement
-See the DOs and DONT´S
-Words and phrases to avoid without explanation

================== ... trategies/

Try to read the "tips", hints, related to writing, it has tips to others skills as well. To those that are going to sit the IELT
exam. ... pr/page/1/ ... pr/page/2/ ... pr/page/3/ ... pr/page/4/ ... pr/page/5/
and so on...

In a number of ways it could help with any kind of writing (CsF included, if you respect the requirements of the exam).
They come in handy with "how-to" about the exposition of ideas, how they might relate to each other, some good estrategies etc.

Hope it helps.
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Clique aqui e saiba como baixar!
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Video that may interest you as well. It takes a while, but it worth watching!