Slangs on Doja Cat - Kiss Me More

Could please someone save the day and tell me what's the " I feel like fuckin' something" actual meaning on this part of Doja Cat's song? I'm kinda lost. Is it like "I feel like fuckin' somethin' (up)" or more like "I feel (myself) like 'real' somethin'" or even the literal naughty meaning?

About the "Dummy, dummy" part, is the repeating just to add some intensity or is it another slang I don't know?

"I, I feel like fuckin' somethin'
But we could be corny, f*ck it
Sugar, I ain't no dummy, dummy..."

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She's definitely talking about intercourse (does she ever about anything else?) :-D
As for the "dummy", I don't think she's repeating it, she means " não sou boba, bobo", like, I'm not but you might be.
Btw, that chick SZA featuring this song, has a wonderful voice!
Take care.
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