Sway x Influence: Qual a diferença

To sway and to influence. What's the difference ?

Give me some examples.

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To me "sway" may have that meaning of influencing in such way that someone else may change of mind. That is you can bring someone to your side by (sometimes even strongly) using your/one´s powers of persuasion.
Marcio had explained that well, consider that just as a contributory comment, and it is worth noticing that there are other definitions of "sway", this is just one of them.
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"My initial reaction is that sway has a neutral or slightly positive connotation (the lawyer tried to persuade the jury); while influence has a neutral or slightly negative connotation, and suggests a range of possibilities from persuasion to unethical conduct. But my initial perception could easily be swayed or influenced with more context."

Veja o resto em:
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The lawyer tried to sway the jury = O advogado tentou persuadir (talvez comover) o júri. Aqui o advogado lançou mão de recursos positivos.
The lawyer tried to influence the jury = O advogado tentou influenciar (talvez com algum estratagema, talvez com alguma inverdade) o júri.