Thanks EE

I’m here, under the name of all users, to thank all the collaborators and teachers who give their time to turn this site and forum a success!
We know, nowadays it’s difficult to get a new language, ‘coz we have many fonts, and it’s the trouble! This way we don’t have an orientation or a grade, so we get lost in time very often. However English Experts feels like the best course online, it’s complete, we have a fantastic feedback, and the most important it's for free.

For it all, I’m here. We pay nothing for it, but at least I’d like that you all know that we are so grateful about your job.
We know that sometimes it gets difficult; you have the technical and content area to administrate. At least what we can do is to thank for the effort and patience with us.
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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 48450 21 73 1125
Hello Efrance,

I think it´s very rewarding to be able to teach English online.I´ve been here for almost two years now and I feel it´s been a great experience.I also learn lots of things from people and situations I normally deal with every day.I think it was really nice of you to write this message of thanks,I really appreciate that.Never stop studying English!

All the best,
Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2170 7 53
For this post, I´m gonna use this sentence again:

"Blessed is that one who transfers what it knows and learns what it teaches".Cora Coralina