Why does toast always fall butter-side down?

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Question: Why does toast always fall butter-side down?

Examples of answers (by Donay)

- The butter side weighs more.
- Because of Murphy's law.
- Scientific thought holds that popular belief is moronic and that toast falls butter side down only half the time. (I liked this one!)
- Because ghosts think it's funny to mess with us and ruin our buttered toast.

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EugenioTM 350 11
People keep saying this just because they don't like when this happens, and when the toast falls butter-side up they actually don't bother, therefore forget the incident, just remembering the toast falling butter-side down. That's my humble opinion!

Toast always fall butter-side down because Murphy's law is powerful... never fails! You can try it! rsrsrs


Because the butte-side weighs more than other side.

Because butter loves the floor