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Hi there, I hope you are enjoying these everyday expressions. Today you will have an assignment. Choose one of the expressions below and write a short story in which it will fit well.Challenging? I am quite sure you can. The three most creative ones will be published in the comment area and the writers will be gifted with an interesting e-book in English.

  • He means well. (Ele tem boa intenção)
  • It´s just a hunch. (É só um palpite)
  • Not quite. (Não é bem assim)
  • It runs in the family. (Isso é de família)
  • He bent over backwards to do that. (Ele se virou do avesso pra fazer aquilo)
  • On mine / My treat. (É por minha conta; eu pago)

I hope you take part in this contest.

See ya.

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Roberto Rocha

Roberto Rocha é professor de inglês, apaixonado pela língua inglesa, além de ter ampla experiência na comunicação com turistas. Mora atualmente no Rio de Janeiro e colabora periodicamente com o English Experts.

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  • 25/05/07  
    Anonymous diz: 1

    E ai, saiu algum resultado?

  • 01/06/07  
    Roberto Rocha diz: 2

    Hello there,

    After having received dozens of nice stories I´ll show you the most interesting ones.

    Tammy wrote:

    Hiya I’m Tammy and I’m telling you a real story. Hope you enjoy it…

    Nowadays my father is a real mingy, tight fisted indeed – and I may tell you: it runs in the family…

    He means very well but it wasn’t always like that at all. As a chubby kid and rather poor, he used to spend every single penny he got on junk, especially candy and toys of course.

    Once broke, he and his brother pickpocked two toys guns and decided to run a plan: ‘let’s come across them, then daddy will never know about it’. My grandpa used to be very mean and strict with his children so you can figure out… They bent over backwards to hide the toy guns on a bush next to a soccer field they used to play on, and set: ‘I “find” mine first!’ – said my uncle. During the match with their other brothers – by the way known as gossipers till today – they kicked the ball next the bush and my uncle cried: ‘Hey look! I found a toy gun! Awesome!’ And my father very excited: ‘Wow! Let me “find” mine too!’ Done! Thrash for sure…

    Since and then thing’s changed… Once in a blue moon I hear from him: ‘My treat’. I’m not quite sure if that episode was the fresh start… well, it’s just a hunch…


    Vanessa Thiesen wrote:

    One of my bests and I have talked about relationships today.

    I told her about my ex boyfriend and how mean he was with myself. However, she couldn`t stop to say:

    Dear, It runs in the family! John, who is your ex boyfriend`s brother, is exactly the same!

    Then I say:

    Not quite! John means well! He treats all of girls which he has dates pretty well! He ALWAYS says after romantic dinners:

    don’t worry about it, dear! Its on mine! And more: he gives flowers and chocolates!

    I know about it ‘cause we did a lot of dates together and I really think he is a great guy! Its just a hunch – but I bet he is better than his brother in everything! Oh Gosh!!! I am not in love with John, am I?


    Alexandre Sacco Xavier wrote:

    Please, make your adjust if it is necessary!

    “At cafe Mr. Brown talk with Mr. Blue about their new employee:
    – He bent over backwards to do that! Was a simple task, but he lost too many time!
    Then Mr. Blue, argue:
    – But, he means well! It´s just a hunch, but i think that in four months his adaptation with the job will be a success! But, if you want to cut off the boy…

    Mr. Brown:
    – Not quite! I´m very anxious with his future, after all he is my son!
    And Mr. Blue:
    – Do not worry! The boy will be a greater businessman! It runs in the family! (laughs)
    The men stand up and prepares to leave of the cafe. Mr. Brown then, take the money in his pocket, pay their spendings, and say:

    – On mine today!
    And they goes out!”



    But people, those stories are not enough, there´s still a fourth one worth publishing for it was very funny written by Donizete:

    Good night friends.

    Here is a history.

    A long time ago a frind of mine gets a girlfriend, she was an elegant girl.
    They meet each other in a shopping center.
    She seemed a hollywood actress. Very beautiful.
    Good, they eat ice cream, they saw a film in the same place and…
    There was beginning a new romance. Therefore one had gone the house of the
    other to introduce your parents and so on.
    He means well with her when she invited him for a more intimate encounter…
    and he accepted.
    It was a beautiful Sunday night but suddenly he noticed that there was
    something wrong. She had the same parts of the body that him.
    He left running and until today he does a test before giving the first kiss.

    Very good this entertainment. Congratulations.
    I am a student beginner. You noticed, don’t you?


    Congratulations to all on taking part in this contest.

    More contests will come in the future….therefore stay tunned.

    See you!

    Roberto Rocha

  • 11/10/07  
    Francineide silva diz: 3

    Solicito ajuda em relação a pronúncia , a dicção.

    Existe algum site, que possa me ajudar no inglês.