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Correction: (four years and a half to be more precise)

I needed an adjective and not an adverb there... :oops:
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Don´t sweat the small thing, Ana. And you should not be worried about being no spring chicken at the time, because it´s never late (or early) to learn something.
Your English going from strength to strength, and if someone say otherwise, please let me know and we will throw the book at him! ;)
I am proud of you, Marcio, Cinnamon, Marcelo, and the list would go on and on... Really, you guys have learned a lot, one can see from your sharing, interactions, and writings.
Your feedbacks and participation have been relevant, this only improves the learning network that is what the Forum is.
Not to mention that you have an eye for detail, a fresh enthusiasm, and very good perception and critical skills! I am happy we have lots of people like this here, the right sort of learner. That can read critically and with a newfound competence to communicate about your own experiences with English.
Here goes a collective congrats to you all.
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Thank you for your words.

At this point, I think I’ll venture to give my candid opinion on this matter.

I don’t know how to level up my English anymore. I’m deeply unmotivated.

It seems my passion has gone away.

It’s no one else’s fault but mine.
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Whoa! Chill out my buddy, your English is good and you know that!
All and each of us have our "plateau" times, in wich we think we are not making progress (or that we won´t make progress, don´t matter what.)
Not so. Make approachable goals, go there, and compare you with you (not others) from months ago, years ago. And don´t be so hard on yourself.
Studying English have to be fun, so don´t push yourself when don´t feel like it (unless you have to, as when someone has to take a TOEFL test or week.) ... out-of-it/

Here a link to learn English with music, a good thing is that is effortless, or almost. (and music is a good thing in life, ain´t it?) :lol:
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I real an article on how to become a lifelong learner yesterday. Look for some like this, they give you a boost to keep on going.
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Thank you very much for the link about the plateau. I’ve just read it. It was beautifully written. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. ;)

It showed me that I can change some of my habits and even my materials. I’ll start looking for new resources.

I’m going to start studying again taking a different approach.

I’d like to thank you once more for your help.

Marcelo Reis
Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve read some articles about it.
I found these two particularly interesting: ... -tips.html
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42045 6 33 740
Now you are talking! and thanks for sharing the features, the one Wikihow one speaks volumes...
And thanks to you too, Marcelo.
Avatar do usuário Marcelo Reis 4490 1 2 96
These are good ones, too! Just found the one I read yesterday:
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Marcelo Reis

Thank you very much for the link. I’ve read it. It gives precious tips.
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Tricia and Bill dialogue:
Bill: My dear you’ve been looking down in the dumps lately. What’s the matter?

Tricia: I must confess I’m not happy with my body. The ageing process has started in my life, and I’m feeling its side effects on me.

Bill: God! For a moment, you really worried me. Stop being foolish. We all get old eventually.

Tricia: For you it’s easier to say that you are not becoming a giant pear. You’ve always been a massive polar bear. Besides that, my face is full of wrinkles. I’m looking like Darth Vader without the mask.

Bill: You must be feeling utterly unhappy. Let me see if I can help you. What makes you unhappy about your body?
Tricia: Flabbiness, my dear Watson. Flabbiness is my archenemy at the moment.

Bill: I’ve got the solution for it. From now on, we are going for a walk every day together. What do you think?

Tricia: Well, if you are saying that for real, if we exercise ourselves on a daily basis, perhaps there will be a glimmer of hope for me.
Bill: Of course, my dear! You are overreacting! Who knows if one day we aren’t going to join in the Berlin Marathon?

Tricia: Dear, let me ask you a question. How many beers have you drunk so far?

Bill: I can’t give you an accurate number, but I’ve been drinking since the rugby match “Argentina vs South Africa” started.
Tricia: I see. Why don’t we postpone this conversation and come back to it when you will be sober?

Bill: Excellent! You’re a mind reader. I was just wondering when I could come back to the telly and keep watching the rest of the match. You are an amazing wife! I’m a lucky man!