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Last year I made a strong resolution to study to take FCE exam. So I started to search for information and I found out that in 2015 both FCE and CAE exams will be revised.
They are going to be like the new CPE exam. That piece of news really made me sad because I was planning to take FCE in 2014 and CAE in 2015. Now due to this change I have to study for both exams, hit the books to boost up my English and take it to C1 level.
It’s challenging but I don’t know what power is over me indeed for I believe that even being a B2 English student with all my flaws in the English language, I will be able to pass on CAE exam. Perhaps the fear of taking the new CAE exam is so deep which gives me strength and courage to believe that it is possible.

I just want to write this diary to motivate me the most to keep on my studies. It can also help those on the same track as me.

I’ll try to update it on a regular basis.

Any expert may feel free to correct my mistakes.

Thank you

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Ana, your text is very good. I would make only these changes:

Bill: ...I didn’t see from that coming!

Patricia: Why are you looking at me like I was an alien or something quite similar?

Bill: I don’t want you to get the wrong message. To me, you are a kind of an eccentric woman.
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Last year I made a strong resolution to study (and) to take (the) FCE exam. So I started to search for information and I found out that in 2015, both (the) FCE and CAE exams will be revised.
They are going to be like the new CPE exam. (knowing that) really made me sad because I was planning to take (the) FCE in 2014 and (the) CAE in 2015. Now, due to (these changes) I (will) have to study for both exams hitting the books to (ramp up) my English and to take it to (the) C1 level.
It (is a challenge) but I don’t know what (got into me to) believe that even being a B2 English student with all my flaws in the English language, I will be able to pass on (the) CAE exam. Perhaps the fear of taking the new CAE exam is so deep (that gave) me strength and courage to believe that (this) is (really) possible (to achieve.)

I just want to write this diary (to motivate me and) to keep on my studies. (Besides, it could) also help those on the same track as me.

I will try to update it on a regular basis.

Thank you

On papers like this, refren yourself from using too many contractions!
(Major observation) If you are talking about both one thing and the other you must refer these on the plural.
I hope that can help you somehow!
Have fun studying!
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I translated this text from an old French book to practise my writing.

It’s half past six in the morning. The alarm clock goes off.
Charles wakes up, open one eye, then the other, he yawns, stretches, and after a sudden movement (or quick movement) he jumps on his feet. He remembers that today is the first of October, the day back to school. He puts on his bathrobe over his pyjamas (British English), puts on his slippers and runs to the bathroom.
He undresses (or he gets undressed), turns on the shower and fast a cold shower starts flowing over his body! What an awakening bath and warm! Then he soaps and washes his face, his hands and rubs his body vigorously with a shower sponge.
After he puts the soap on the soap dish and dries himself with a bath towel.
Doing that he has just to comb his hair and brush his teeth. He is ready.
So he comes back to his bedroom, he gets dressed (or he puts on his clothes) and puts on his shoes. He gets down the stairs and comes into the kitchen to have his breakfast.
His mother and father are already there. Charles hugs them (or embraces) and has his breakfast with great appetite. He has a big bowl of cereals, two slices of bread full with butter and a cup of tea.
Then he goes to pick up his rucksack (backpack) in the living room: he is ready to go to school.
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In front of the school, there is a numerous group of students. They are the former students who came back after two months and a half of separation.
They shake hands, talk to catch up the news. They tell about their holidays, the adventures and trips; then they mention about the new school year, the future teachers, the new subjects which they are going to learn.
The bell goes off: all the little talkative students cross the entrance gate and walk towards their classes without making noise because the principal is watching them.
Charles is on the fifth grade. His new teacher is called Mr.Chauvet.
When the teacher comes into the classroom everybody stands up. After making a brief welcome speech, Mr.Chauvet calls the roll (faz a chamada).There are two new students in the classroom who awaken the general curiosity.
When the bell goes off is the break, all the students leave the classroom to go to the courtyard. There the students play football, get informed about the news ,ask questions to one another, so many questions that they don’t know anymore which one to answer.

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Gostaria, se possível, que algum expert corrigisse minha estória que fiz para treinar o Present Perfect e o Present Perfect Continuous:

Bill and Tricia are a couple. They are English. They have three kids: David, Oliver and little Kate. David is the oldest child. He is 11. Oliver is the middle son. He is 8. Kate is 5.
They live in London. Today is Sunday and it hasn’t been raining for weeks which is an uncommon thing for a rainy city like London. They are all at home. Tricia wants to take the kids to the Zoo.
But she has a difficult task. She has to persuade his coach potato husband that a stroll to the Zoo is a nice activity for the kids.
Bill as usual is in the living room watching TV. It is two o’clock in the afternoon and he has been watching TV since eight o’clock.
Here is the dialogue:
Tricia: Bill
Bill: What?
Tricia: Bill. I have been wondering if we should not take the kids to the Zoo this afternoon.
Bill: It’s boiling outside. I won’t go out with this bloody weather.
Tricia: You know Bill, I have always felt I did wrong when I got married to you.
Bill: Indeed. Dear. It’s very interesting because I have always wondered why I decided to become your husband.
Tricia: Ever since we got married I have been trying to put up with your rudeness for the kid’s sake but now I’ve had enough.
Bill: Don’t be silly. You can’t live without me.
Tricia: Try me.
Bill stands up very quickly and runs to the kid’s room. He stands at the door nearly breathless and says:
Kids! Get dressed! We are going to the Zoo.
David the oldest son answers:
That is wonderful Dad! We have never been to the Zoo before!
The other two kids start jumping with excitement.
Twenty minutes later the whole family is in the car on the way to the Zoo.

Thank you very much

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Escrevi esta estória para poder treinar algumas preposições de lugar. Vou aproveitar este espaço aqui no EE para enviar o que produzo na língua inglesa. Acho que é um jeito de progredir.

Bill is sitting down on the couch watching TV. His son, Oliver, comes into the living room and jumps onto his father’s lap. Here is the dialogue between father and son:
Oliver: Dad
Bill: Yes, dear.
Oliver: Today I have learnt (British: learn- learnt- learnt. American: learn-learned-learned) prepositions at school. I think I’ve got confused how to use them correctly.
Bill: Maybe I can help you. Come along son. I need an assistant. And I know a perfect one.
Bill turns off the television and takes his son to his bedroom where Fluffy, an eight month black Persian cat is sleeping on the bed. Bill gets Fluffy in his arms and says:
“Come on your Furball Cat! It’s high time that you started being useful here in this house! I have yet to see a lazy cat like you!”
Bill intends to put the cat in different places to teach his son some of the main prepositions of place.
Bill says: The two first prepositions you are going to learn are in and into. Pay attention son.
Bill is about to put Fluffy into a box and asks Oliver: What am I going to do?
Oliver: You are going to put Fluffy into the box.
Bill puts the cat into the box and asks: Where’s the cat now?
Oliver: Fluffy is in the box.
Bill: Terrific!
Bill takes the cat out of the box .He puts the cat under a chair. He asks: Where is the cat?
Oliver: Fluffy is under the chair.
Bill: Brilliant!
Bill places the cat between two chairs. He asks Oliver: Where is Fluffy now?
Oliver: Fluffy is between the two chairs.
Bill: Well done!
Bill takes the cat and puts it among four chairs. He asks: Where is the cat now?
Oliver: Fluffy is among the four chairs.
Bill: Amazing! So we use preposition between for two things and among for more than two things, right?
Oliver: Right, Dad.
Bill: Now you are going to learn prepositions on and onto.
Bill gets the cat and places it on the rug. He asks: Where is the cat?
Oliver: The cat is on the rug.
Bill: Glorious! Now I am going to do something very stupid just to show you the use of onto, ok?
Bill gets closer to the cat and shouts loudly. The cat gets scared and jumps onto the bed towards Oliver.
Bill asks: What has the cat just done?
Oliver: The cat has just jumped onto the bed.
Bill: So we use prepositions in and on to show location and into and onto to show movement. Did you understand?
Oliver: Perfectly!
Bill: Marvellous! (British: Marvellous, American: Marvelous)
Bill puts Fluffy on his lap and says: Sorry, Fluffy! But it was for a good cause. He pets the cat with tenderness.
Then Bill looks to his son and says: Now let’s suppose that Fluffy were climbing a tree and suddenly he lost his balance and fell off tree. Let me give you more example to the preposition off: A guy was riding his motorcycle in high speed in a fast lane, when all of a sudden a cow appeared in front of him. He had to turn away from the cow very quickly so he lost his balance and fell off the motorcycle. Did you understand, dear?
Oliver: Yes, Dad. You are a funny teacher.
Bill: How about a snack? I’ve got hungry after all this grammar lesson. Shall we go to the kitchen to grab something?
Oliver: Great! I’m starving, Dad.

Thank you very much
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Outra estória da família inglesa.
Bill is on holiday. He and his family decided to take a trip to a tropical country. Being crazy about football and beaches the natural choice was Rio de Janeiro.
The family has been to Rio de Janeiro for six days. They are at Copacabana beach. The kids are as happy as Larry playing with a ball on the sand. Bill and Tricia are under the parasol watching the kids. Bill starts a very interesting conversation with Tricia:
Bill: Darling
Tricia: Yes, dear.
Bill: Darling, what’s Rio de Janeiro like to you now?
Tricia: Oh, dear! It’s a beautiful, outstanding, breathtaking city. You know when I watched on TV news about it, I always thought: “Oh Lord! One day I will go to Rio de Janeiro!” And my dream came true! I loved the Tijuca forest , the Botanical garden, the Christ the Redeemer (statue), the Sugar Loaf, the Lapa Arches. I also had a memorable time strolling on the favela’s cable car at German Complex Favela. Amazing!
I thought that while we were here you would just search for things connected with football like the Maracanã Stadium, but to my astonishment you quite forgot that crazy passion of yours. I’m grateful to you.
Bill: Good heavens! I think I will always bring you to Rio from now on! Since you have been here your mood switching disappeared. Thanks Lord! Rio de Janeiro, God bless you!
Tricia starts to laugh.
Then Oliver (the middle son) comes to his parents and asks: Mummy, I’m hungry!
Tricia: Oh, I guess we should find a place to eat Bill. It’s already one o’clock.
Bill: You are right. I’ll call the kids.
All the family goes to the restaurant.
They sit and Bill makes his order.
They eat with great appetite. Everything was delicious: the orange juice, the omelet and the French fries.
When the waiter brings the bill and gives it to Bill, the Englishman can hardly believe in what his eyes are seeing. He asks to the waiter: “Sorry, but it must have been a misunderstanding. This cannot be my bill. It’s absurd.”
The waiter: No, sir. It’s the right bill. Five omelets for hundred reais each, five glasses of orange for nine reais and five portions of French fries for thirty reais. There is no mistake.
Bill asks: Where did these eggs come from? Russia? And the oranges? Did they come from Tibet? And the potatoes? Did they come from Netherlands? I cannot figure out such high prices!
Seeing that his indignation causes no reaction from the waiter, Bill decides not to argue with the waiter. He pays the bill.
On leaving the restaurant, he says to Tricia: You know dear. I’ve always heard about the problem of violence in Brazil but since we have been here nothing happened. But I am under the impression that now I’ve just been robbed! What an expensive place!

Thank you very much
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Uma correção: Complex German Favela.
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outra correção : five glasses of orange juice (esqueci a palavra juice (suco))

outra correção: no reaction on the waiter's face
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Episódio de hoje: “The problem with a call center attendant”
Bill is sitting on his couch. When he tries to turn on the TV he cannot because the remote control supplied by the cable company isn’t working. Without the signal from the cable company, Bill cannot watch any channel.
He gets very angry and calls his wife Tricia:
Bill: Tricia, I will call to the cable company to make a complaint about the remote control and the signal which refuses to appear!
Tricia: Ok, darling. I’ll get the phone to you.
Bill is dialing the number. He hangs on for more than 40 minutes when he finally hears a voice on the other side: Welcome to “Be happy ever last”. Please, follow our instructions carefully in order to get what you want. Press one to support. Press two to other sort of information. Press three to doubts about your bill.

Bill press number one and a call center attendant says: Can I help you, sir?
Bill: My remote control isn’t working. I cannot turn on my TV.
Call center attendant: Let me check some information before helping you. I must inform you that this call is being recorded.
Bill: Ok. Ask whatever you want. I go nowhere.
Call center attendant: What’s your name?
Bill: Bill Socks
Call: What’s your address?
Bill: It’s Harold road 157.
Call: Can I have your identity card number?
Bill: What? Are you working for the police now? What for?
Call: Sir, it’s just a normal procedure. It’s a rule of this company. It’s for your own security.
Bill: 1236548.
Call: How can I help you, sir?
Bill: As I already told you my remote control ,the one you supplied me to turn on the TV and have all my 542 channels isn’t working. What are you going to do about that? Are you able to help me?
Call: What’s the colour of your remote control?
Bill: It’s black.
Call: Could you tell me if on the top of it there are three buttons and their colours?
Bill: There are three buttons and they are yellow.
Call: Sir, Can you tell me the colour of your remote control?
Bill: What? Have you been drinking? I have just told you the colour of my remote control and the buttons on the top of it.
Call: Sir, I need to know the colour of it.
Bill: Are you mocking me? What are trying to do? If you cannot solve my problem pass me to another call center attendant!
The call center insists on the same question three times and after it she hangs up the phone on Bill.
Bill doesn’t believe in what has happened and tries to call again. Now another call center attendant :
Call: Good evening, sir.
Bill: Listen to me, I’m running out of patience because a colleague of yours has just hung on the phone on my face. My remote control doesn’t work. I have more than 500 channels and I can’t turn on my TV because of this!
Call: What colour is your remote control?
Bill: It’s black!
Call: Are there three buttons on the top of it? And what colour are they?
Bill: Yes, there are three buttons on the top of it and they are yellow!
Call: Sir, you have to turn on the TV. Then press the middle button on the top of the remote control.
Bill: I turned the TV and now I’m pressing the yellow button the one in the middle. It’s working the signal has just come back! I can see my channels! Thank you very much for your help. At least you were very professional unlike your colleague that was very rude with me.
Call: thank you, Sir. “Be happy ever last” thanks for your choice. Good evening.
Bill: Good evening.

Bill says to Tricia: You know darling, I wish I could be a call center attendant to hang up on unpleasant people whenever they call me!
Tricia: Oh, Dear! you cannot do that it is not right.
Bill: You are right my dear. Let’s go for a walk I need to cool off.