Can you live without your cell phone?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
Question: Can you live without your cell phone?

Examples of answers:

- Absolutely. By the way I hate it when it rings more than two times a day.

- Of course not! By the way, I have three (just in case one or two of them stop working). I use it as an alarm to wake me up in the morning, to read my emails, to take photos, to listen to my preferred songs, to access English Experts, to organize my timetable and address book… oh, yes! Sometimes I also use it to make and receive phone calls… ;)

“I couldn’t live without my phone… but you don’t even have a home…”
Melanie C, “If that were me”, one of the good songs she recorded after the Spice Girls announced the end of the group.

Now it's your turn!
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I could totally live without it! The people I know and love always know where to find me. Same thing goes for me to find them. Well, I lived without it once - when I was a kid, it did not exist! : )

Just don't ask me to live without my computer, okay?
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
Yes, I can.
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3885 1 9 86
We were much more organized when cell phones did not exist. Nowadays people just say: in case I suffer any setback, I just call (someone) and tell him I've changed my plans.

@ Van: have you already seen this one?: How long can you survive without the Internet?
Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110

Actually I know what a cell phone is, and I can get along without one without any difficulty what so ever. As a matter of fact I did not have or use one until after Cris and I got married in 2001. She insisted on both of us having one so if something happened to me, like being killed in an auto accident, I could call her, or vice-versa.

For Fathers Day this year my step sons, Rodrigo and Ricardo, bought me a new Razor cell phone, which is cool, I guess, but all I use it for is the basic telephone. For pictures I have film cameras, for writing letters I have pen and paper, for email and research I have my computer, etc. And DO NOT even think about getting me started about games on phones or computers! :lol:

I guess that after 66 years I am just too old fashioned and set in my ways to appreciate the modern contrivances that you young whippersnappers love so much. :lol:

Words to Look Up:
Whippersnapper :lol:
I could live very well!
Yes, I can. But I can't live without my computer or internet. :D
Sure, I could live without it. Of course I would miss it in some occasions, but internet is magic, you can turn it in a cell phone in the blink of an eye. I mean, there are so many programs that could do that. And besides, I hate when my cell phone rings.

See ya!
Avatar do usuário Dude Spell 135 2
I never cared much about cell phones until I found out I could actually read books comfortably using a smartphone. I bought one with a 2.3 inches screen size and soon after that I bought a new one with 3.7" screen.

It's a great experience!

I have almost 200 books in my phone, I have 4 english dictionaries and one encyclopedia three taps away, it's a dream come true. :D

Besides you can do everything you do with an ordinary book (bookmarks, highlight text, etc). I love it!
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Of course I can! I use it most to Listen to music, I hardly answer my phone cause it's always on silent mode and I forget to "unsilent" it.