Como dizer "A gente só tem a lamentar" em inglês

-Depois de uma tragédia como essa, a gente só tem a lamentar.
-Você está enganado. Nós podemos fazer muita coisa para que isso não se repita.

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After a tragedy like that everything we can do but regret it/be sorry about it.
-You are mistaken/wrong. We can do a lot about it, in order not to have a repeat.

And might have plenty of other ways.
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- After a tragedy like this, we can't help being regretful.
- You're wrong. We can do many things so it doesn't happen again.
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We can only regret it

We can only regret this tragedy. [Depois de uma tragédia como essa, a gente só tem a lamentar.]

''The decision-procedure model represents an ideal; if we are doomed by our constitutions always to fall short of the ideal, we can only regret it.'' [Berkeley Samuel Scheffler Professor of Philosophy University of California]

''In our continued opposition to the death penalty, we can only regret this broadened mandate for executions.'' [Los Angeles Times]