Como dizer "a máscara [cai, caiu, vai cair]" em inglês

Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k
Português: a máscara cai, a máscara caiu, a máscara vai cair
Inglês: somebody's mask slips, slipped, will slip

If someone's mask slips, they do something which shows people their real personality, when they have been pretending to be a different, usually nicer, type of person. - Thefreedictionary

  1. Unfortunately, the mask slips when Leanne tells him that not only will she not be coming with him to the play, she's resigning, causing self-pitying Peter to hit the bottle.
  2. His mask had suddenly slipped, and she saw him as the angry and cruel man that he really was.
  3. The day David Cameron's mask slipped. Calling Ed Balls 'the most annoying person in modern politics' revealed David Cameron's true toffish colours.
  4. I suspect that at some stage the mask will slip and the honed, festering resentment will be horribly evident.

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2 respostas
Daniel Reis 1 17
Olá Donay,

Tenho visto na internet : when the masks fall down down(off) ou when the masks come off.

Essas frases funcionam mesmo ?

Talvez nao precisem da resposta mais. Mas a resposta e: She showed her true colors. (A mascara caiu)