Como dizer "Barato demais (num determinado lugar)" em inglês

Por exemplo,

Quando queremos dizer que a comida é cara demais em um determinado lugar dizemos

The food in this hotel is overprice e não "expensive"

existe a mesma regra para barato demais um um determinado lugar ??
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Hello Igor,

We have the expression dirt cheap which means very inexpensive, as in:

- Their house was a real bargain, dirt cheap.

Extra info: Although the idea dates back to ancient times, the precise expression, literally meaning as cheap as dirt, replaced the now obsolete dog cheap.


Take care!
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Yep, the food in a given hotel (or restaurant/joint/what you have...) may be inexpensive, see some affordable bites in Miami. ... ve_res.php ... php?page=2 ... php?page=3

I´m going to stop here (beggining to salivate here...), but it´s really seems like inexpensive bites...good to people that are traveling on a budget! or want to save some bucks...

You guys, thanks for your time !!

I really appreciate it

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Yw. Glad that it somehow helped.