Como dizer "Cavalo chucro" em inglês

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Olá pessoal. Eu gostaria de saber se "un-broke horse" quer dizer cavalo chucro.
I have often been shocked when I hear of people who put a young child on an un-broke horse's back. (

Caso contrário, como seria, cavalo chucro, animal chucro em inglês?
S. MG Diz-se de animal não domado, esp. o cavalo (Aulete)

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Wild horse
Untamed horse
Bronco (Mexico/USA)
Brumbie (Australia)

Todos significam cavalo chucro, a depender do país.
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Yep, that´s right, it´s means untamed. One can also call them "unbacked" or a "green horse". Some are wild horses (untamed to the extreme, kind of.)

Not to be mistaken for a bronc, this one is stirred to action (in rodeos) giving the appearance that they are wild. Their challenge is to buck off the rider, and the rider challenge is stay on the horse (back) for eight seconds without touching him. ... rse_called ... onc_riding
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A bit more info.

Take a look at what the best Translator Website indicates: ... ronco.html
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Agreed, Marcelo the Spanish "bronco" means untamed.
The "bronc" horse (in English) may have taken a turn, at least in rodeos, to the one that have an appearance of wild, it would be a natural urge to buck off the rider (the adventurous rider that would try his luck).
A bronc horse is indeed stirred many say, others advocate that there are animals that might be just "reluctant" to be tamed (to the point of being worked and do work, turn into a pack animal).
The notion of wild animal, a more extreme way, would be of a mustang. This breed just don´t let anyone get any near him, attacking the unadvised enough to try that.
So, the bronc is untamed and wild to a point, but in a rodeo the drama call for a colourful act, so the announcer will boom over the PA system to the spectators that it´s a bronc, so imagination will run high. So, untamed would be the secret thought of the announcer, and untaming the thoughts of the rodeo-goers.
Just technical details, but I agreed that "bronc" and "wild' have certain intersection in sense.
Indeed, what both want to see is an animal that is an "arm-jerker'', the more the merrier. :P