Como dizer "chega por hoje" em inglês

Jerry Dorien 4 46

Let’s call it a day !!! (já chega por hoje !!!)

Have a nice weekend for all of you !!!

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hmm... essa é nova Jerry!! sempre falo ''It's all for today''. Claro que é bem simples huhh?? :P
...essa vai pro meu dicionário! ;)

Thomas 7 60 290
Let's hang it up.

Let's call it quits.

That's all she wrote.
(also said when a machine/mechanism/device stops functioning/working).
"The car hit the telephone pole and that is all she wrote."
"I dived into the ocean with my $10 wristwatch, and that is alls he wrote."
DHST 1 2 15
Thomas, "call it a day" é de uso frequente na língua Inglesa?
Let's just call it a day. Usado muito nos Estados Unidos.

That's it for today.
Jerry Dorien 4 46
that`s all folks

Eu lembrei do desenho no final do Looney Tunes aparece uma frase "that`s all folks" eu interpreto: (isso é tudo pessoal) nao sei se faz o mesmo sentido do foco principal.

Já ví também "that`s all people".

Thomas 7 60 290
DHST, "Let's call it a day" is quite common in the USA.

You will also hear (in jest) "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." This is used when a bar is closing, a host is trying to end a party so he can get some sleep, etc. It sounds funny and it makes people laugh. Oh, another expression is "It's time to hit the road, people!" (A variation is "It's time to hit the dusty trail, people!" This is clearly in reference to cowboy movies where they are driving cattle from a ranch to a market.)