Como dizer "composto por dois elementos" em inglês

Como dizer "composto por dois elementos", no sentido de "formado por dois elementos" em inglês?

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" composed of two elements.
Por favor, o ideal não seria "compounded by two elements"?
Ricardo F. Bernardi (online) 26 371

[noun] = substantivo

1) [Specialized Chemistry]
- a chemical that combines two or more elements:


Salt is a compound of sodium and chlorine.
Many fertilizers contain nitrogen compounds.

2) formal something consisting of two or more different parts:


Then there was his manner, a curious compound of humour and severity.

3) [Specialized Language]
- a word that combines two or more different words. Often, the meaning of the compound cannot be discovered by knowing the meaning of the different words that form it. Compounds may be written either as one word or as separate words:


'Bodyguard' and 'floppy disk' are two examples of compounds.


[adjective] = adjetivo
- calm and in control of your emotions:

She looked remarkably composed throughout the funeral.


(To) compose and (to) compound are regular verbs.

You should read:

"Compound" is more used in technical contexts, especially in Physical Science.
When we use the word 'compose', the meaning can be derived as 'created or made up'.
Whereas when we use the word 'compound', it would mean as 'ingredient'.

One may use the words depending on the level of detail s(he) wants to present.


1.Water is a composition of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.
2.Water is a compound of two hydrogen molecules and an oxygen molecule.

According to your example "no sentido de formado por dois elementos", REDSEAHORSE's answer was fairly appropriate.
However, feel yourself at ease to present a paragraph as an example. Maybe the answer will be different.

I hope we've helped.

So long,


(1) Cambridge Online Dictionary.
(2) SMITH, Deb and Roland et al.. Chemistry in Use. The Mc-Graw Hill Companies. 2006.
Redseahorse 2 28 369
Dear Claudia Toledo,

COMPOUND in chemistry means a substance COMPOSED of two or more elements in fixed, definite proportions.

Anyhow, NOT SURE what your point is !