Como dizer "data de corte" em inglês

Preciso informar em um material qual foi a data de corte utilizada para alguns números.
Reference date é correto? Existe alguma outra forma de falar?

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Processing date.
>> Data de processamento / funcionamento [de um estabelecimento].

Date of processing.
>> Date do processo / do processamento / da transformação / da fabricação.

Date of manufacture.
>> Data de fabricação [de um produto].

Clipping date / Cutting date [BrE]
>> Data de corte / recorte [de jornal, revista, cupons] / apara [de unha, cabelo, grama, etc.].

Cut-off date [BrE] / Cutoff date (AmE).
>> Período / data limite.

Printing date
>> Data de impressão / tiragem [editorial]


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(6) Coupon clipping date
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Hmm, Fernanda. Good question, albeit a generic one! It could be more specific, I think. Anyway here goes one guess of mine:

Perhaps "age-cutoff" or also "cutoff date". These are closely related notions, and sometimes are used in an intersectional way.

Connecticut is the only state in the union that still has a Jan. 1 cutoff date for children to turn 5 years old to enter kindergarten in a given school year, meaning children who won't even be 5 years old until Jan. 1 -- four months after the school year starts -- can enroll in kindergarten.

The new date would likely require children to be 5 years old by Oct. 1 to enter kindergarten. The new law requires the state to come up with a plan to help children who just miss the cutoff date and can't afford pre-school.

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