Como dizer "dona de casa" em inglês

Como se diz "dona de casa " em inglês?

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Alessandro (online) 3 11 91
Dona de casa em inglês é "housewife". Lembra do seriado "Desperate Housewives"? Donas de casa desesperadas.

Welcome to EE.
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Along with housewives we now have househusbands. The growing contingent of jobless men were the quickest to accept the term.
maryziller 1 2
You can also say 'homemaker.'
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
And we also have "the at-home partner" -- that is, the one who manages the household (particularly when there are chidren involved) while the other works. Keep in mind that the term "housewife" can have a negative connotation for many people who therefore would not like to be referred to as such.
How about "Domestic engineer" ? I saw it here (at 1:13):
I don't really know, however, if that's something polite to say. Could anybody tell us that?

Hope this helps and TIA ;)
Gabi 1 1 15
I guess she was just making fun of it.
Gabi escreveu:I guess she was just making fun of it.
I thought that as well, but I've heard that expression so many times that I've begun to wonder if it would be something similar to "flight attendant" and "stewardess", you know what I mean? (Today, the term "Flight attendant" is considered to be more polite than "stewardess")
Gabi 1 1 15
Well, we can find "stewardess" in the dictionary but not "domestic engineer". It sounds to me more like an american word, by the way.
I think that she's just kidding , perhaps it's a way to mean that she as a housewife is suppoused to work as a machine.(so unffair).

Ref. en.wikipedia
Hi Folks,

We couldn't forget "house husband" for men!

Alessandro answered this question: Housewife.

Mary's answer is quite good too, but they don't really use that word that much. It is like housewife is used 95% homemaker 5%.

Domestic engineer - is just for humor, but it is not that funny.
Stewardess - is just an old word that people don't really use it anymore.
Could "domestic engineer" be..."do lar"?