Como dizer "drogas, tô fora" em inglês

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most Brazilians learn English but hardly ever have the opportunity to interact with a “native” speaker. So, most of them talk to other Brazilian learners and use the language in their own way sometimes making “mistakes” like this one:

“Drugs? I am out!!”


Please say instead:

I'm off drugs.

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josneywat 6
Also, in other contexts,

I don't do drugs.

I don't take drugs.
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Hi josneywat,

é bom saber isso, thanks a lot. Há mais ou menos um ano atrás eu postei "I'm out", eu acho que li em algum site.

see you!!!
maryziller 1 2
"I'm out" means that you have depleted your supply. Thanks Josney for this useful tip.

Ex. We're out of toilet paper. We have to go to the store and buy more.
The store is out of the advertized sale item.
You're out of luck = what you wanted is not available or will not happen.
I'm outta here = I am leaving.
Donay Mendonça 23 108 1.6k

Mais uma:

I´m really not into drugs.

E para quem lembra dos eternos fliperamas:

Winners Don't Use Drugs is the name of an anti-drug slogan that was included on all arcade games imported into North America from 1989 through to the year of 2000. The message appeared during the attract modes of both video games and on some pinball machines.

Boa sorte!
just for reading and of course new words:

Amy Winehouse: 'I'm off drugs' Singer says she's clean of illegal substances

Amy Winehouse has claimed that she has given up taking drugs - and is planning to record new material soon.

In an interview with News Of The World while on holiday in St. Lucia, the singer said she had given up illegal substances since the start of 2009.

"Before I came out here I looked at a photo of myself in the newspaper and was horrified," she said. "I thought to myself, 'Girl, you got to sort yourself out or you'll be dead soon.'"

"I was depressed, doing drugs and had no life in me at all. Home is hell for me. I've escaped from it. There are drugs everywhere. I can't do anything without everyone thinking I'm off my head on drugs, although half the time they were right, I was.

"But here I feel so calm and peaceful and for the first time I can definitely say I am off the drugs. I haven't touched anything since I arrived and I feel the best I have in years."

Winehouse went on to say that she wanted to begin recording new material soon. "All I've done is read books, sunbathe and drink cocktails," she said. "But it's made me feel like concentrating on my career again.

"Most nights I've done a few songs on the piano for a laugh but I'm starting to think about recording again. I want to capture how happy I am right now in some new songs."
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