Como dizer "ele é um cara quadrado" em inglês

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square: [...] 7. Slang. A person who is regarded as dull, rigidly conventional, and out of touch with current trends.
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Hi Josneywat,

Minha sugestão

square . . . . BOF = boring old fart

Tim :D
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Geez..Carol's father is so narrow-minded

I'm just sick and tired of Paul, that guys is sooo narrow-minded

Take care,

Teacher Pondé
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narrow minded : mente fechada

Unbelievable actually that someone who appears to be as intelligent as yourself would be so narrow minded as to think I walk around looking to pick a fight with anyone who would dare look their nose down on me. I am not that fragile. perhaps you are.
Acho que poderia usar conservative, pra pessoas conservadoras
Exemplo: Bush is not merely a conservative, he is the conservative.

Espero ter ajudado
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a boring old-fashioned person

Old fogey NOUN
someone who has old-fashioned ideas, especially someone who is old


    1. Don't let the old fogey generation get you down.

    2. They called Obama an old fogey and a luddite rather than acknowledge that this is something we should be thinking about.

    3. They see him as a fogey, a Europhile, an elitist.

    4. For years, literary culture has been portrayed as gasping on life support, sustained only by old-fogey teachers and hidebound school curricula.

    5. He's been called the most influential voice in British politics, the Dalai Lama of satire, fogey, moralist, troublemaker, cynic.