Como dizer "Enjoa!" ou "Enjoante" em inglês

DHST 1 2 15
O que eu quero dizer com "Enjoa" ou "Enjoante" é quando algo não dá mais prazer em fazer, quando fica desinteressante depois de um tempo de fazer, mas sem ser a palavra "boring", .. vou tentar escrever alguma frase...

"Lasanha é uma delícia, mas logo enjoa!"
"É enjoante (fazer alguma coisa)"

Valeu.. eu.. eu.. eu.. :lol:

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enjoar é nauseous (AmE) and to make somebody feel sick (BrE)
This Lasagna is delicious, but made me feel nauseous

A outra palavra que vc citou seria enjoativo que é sickly

bye bye
Henry Cunha 3 18 183
Other terms you can try, that don't suggest actual illness:

Lasagna is delicious but too much of it becomes tiresome.
Lasagna is delicious but too much of it is humdrum.
Lasagna is delicious but too much of it makes you sick of it.

This is tiresome.

Henry Cunha 3 18 183
You can also get "fed up with eating lasagna all the time." You can say "I'm fed up with [any repetitive task / person / etc]," meaning you've had enough of something/someone: "I've had my fill of him."
timphillips 10
Or how about using our "verbo multi-uso" get.
e.g. Lasagne is delicious but you can soon get sick of it.

I would use "sickly" in food terms mostly for something VERY sweet
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Lasagne is tasty but you soon get sick of it.

Boa sorte!
DHST 1 2 15
Thanks... :D
Lasagna is delicious, but if you don't eat anything else, it gets old.
It would be interesting to visit Las Vegas, but I'm sure it would get old after a week.
I occasionally try different flavors of ice cream, but chocolate never gets old!

dlr: "In Brasil I only ate rice and beans."
some guy: "I bet that gets old fast."
dlr: "Actually, it was delicious."
some guy: "I think eating the same food day after day would be a pain in the ass."
dlr: "It's better than that McDonalds crap you call food!"
Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Great example!