Como dizer "Junta de serviço militar" em inglês

Se você quiser ingressar no exército brasileiro, vá à junta de serviço militar mais próxima da sua residência e se aliste.

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If you want join the Army (or any Brazilian Armed Forces) go to the nearest recruiting station in your city.

I put that way, in a more of US-style. Indeed I would say a "Junta do Serviço Militar." is a mix of an Army Enlisting/recruiting (drafting) Office and a Local Board of Military Service.
It´s the first place to go to pre-enlistment (or pre-discarding, for example if you education reached only the 5rd grade or less).
Sometimes is a place manned by the military and some civil servants offered by the local City Hall, other times there are just the civil servants and the building/office/house is under the responsability of the Municipality (of course the clerk training is of the Army).
For practical purposes, then, I rather would use the term "recruiting station", wich would cover the meaning here.