Como dizer "Lâmina de água na pista" em inglês

Sheet of water on the road

The driver of the oncoming car, hitting a sheet of water on the road, lost control of the vehicle.

When the temperature gets below freezing, there can be a thin sheet of water on the road that freezes. This is called "black ice." It's invisible to a driver.

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Henry Cunha 3 17 182
I had my most memorable encounter with black ice on a 1,400-kilometre Christmas drive from Toronto to New Brunswick, at dawn, on a beautiful divided highway some 100 kms east of Montreal. We had driven all night, changing drivers as we went along. The road was perfectly clean black asphalt, although there were two-foot snowbanks in the middle divide. I had cruise control on, clipping along at about 100, when the rear-wheel swerving started (car with rear traction at the time). Now, the normal procedure is to take your foot off the gas, turn your front wheel gently toward the swerve, and don't brake; this normally gets you back under control. But not if you forget, as I did, to turn off the cruise control. So in a matter of seconds I was swerving back and forth, each time more severely, until we plowed several meters into the snowbank in the middle divide, where the engine and car came to a stop. That's when I remembered the cruise control that kept the car from decelerating.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. The two small children in the back seat slept peacefully through the whole thing. My wife did wake up, but I don't remember her saying much. We were towed out very quickly and on our way, with no damage to us or the car.

I see the explanation for my adventure a bit differently. The road was perfectly dry with the temperature well below zero. But at dawn, the sun warms the air just enough to cause a little bit of humidity to condense on the surface of the road, and this humidity turns icy on contact with the cold asphalt. In fact, the condition seems to last for only a little while, until the road itself warms up enough to melt that thin layer of ice.

So my real oversight had to do with cruise control. I've kept that in mind ever since.
Hello Simon Vasconcelos.

A expressão "lâmina d' água" também poderia ser utilizado: "water depths"?
Ou seria neste caso especificamente quando se tratar de lâmida d' água em área marítima?

Encontrei estas frases abaixo:
They are used to drill exploratory wells on the continental shelf, at water depths ranging from 5 to 130 m. (Fonte:
(Destinam-se à perfuração de poços exploratórios na plataforma continental, em lâmina d`água que variam de 5 a 130m. )

The repair, at a water depth of 42 m, was performed in seven days, aboard the MV Inspector. (Fonte:
(O reparo, em lâmina d'água de 42 m, foi realizado em sete dias, a bordo do MV Inspector. )

The Norbes vessels, built at the shipyard DSME in the Asian country and designed for deep water operations, have state-of-the-art technology and can drill in the pre-salt layer - at a water depth of up to 3,000 m. (Fonte:
(As Norbes, construídas para águas profundas no estaleiro DSME, no país asiático, possuem tecnologia de última geração e estão aptas a perfurar no pré-sal, até uma lâmina d'água de 3.000 m. )

Espero ter contribuído.


Muito bem observado, Emanuel. "Water depth(s)" pode ser traduzido, no contexto exposto nos seus exemplos, como lâmina d'água também. Portanto, dependendo da espessura dela, podemos optar por "sheet of water" ou "water depth."
Thomas 7 60 288
Don't confuse water on a road with the depth of water in a well, Emanuel. Apples and oranges. (Two different subjects, problems, matters.)

Black ice is difficult to understand until one has traveled several meters down a winter road....sideways or in a spin. It happens so suddenly that there is no time to pull out the rosary or check out Chapter 16 of the driving book you have been reading. Even at 50 kph, your vehicle is covering about 15 m per second. A lot of very bad things can happen within a second or two. When black ice is possible, it is a good idea to carry in the car a set or two of clean underwear. You may need it.
Hello my friend Thomas.

Thanks for clarifying the difference between one and another, that was actually my doubt if we could use for the two types of "water depth" so much road superfícia water.

Thanks also as the explanation and tips about this topic.

Hugs and thank you.


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