Como dizer “Mulher largada do marido” em inglês

Zumstein 11680 1 24 379
Ela não conseguia alugar uma casa na cidadezinha onde morava, pois se recusavam a alugar para "mulher largada do marido".

Mulher cujo marido a abandonou, foi embora.
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PPAULO 53985 6 42 972
...since they refused to rent it to a woman just because her husband left her.
...since nobody would rent it to a woman wich her hubby/husband/man walked out on her.
...since no one would rent it to a woman left alone by her husband.
...since nobody wanted to rent (a house etc) to a stranged woman.

and so forth...

Henry Cunha 10170 3 16 182
I like "a woman abandoned by her husband" for "mulher abandonada".

But does "mulher largada do marido" mean that, or is it the opposite? I'm unsure.

PPaulo, that's another one of those funny word forms: estranged in place of stranged.

Zumstein 11680 1 24 379
Henry, in my opinion:

"Mulher largada do marido" is or was a derogatory term used for "(estranged wife) mulher separada", implying that the woman was to blame for the breakup, that’s why she suffers prejudice in society, so that they do not rent her a house.

It would have a much clearer sense if said: mulher largada “pelo” marido.

Did you like my Portinglês?

Henry Cunha 10170 3 16 182
Zumstein, your English is very good! Yes, I was thinking about that preposition choice in Portuguese. Your explanation makes sense to me.

Incidentally, you may find interesting this historical account of women's lives and family life in the United States: ... istory.cfm

PPAULO 53985 6 42 972
Oops, I did it again!

Impressed here, Zumsteim, I would say your Portuguese certainly is better than mine!
Thanks Henry, maybe it was the influence of that UK´s new fad that is phonics in school, he he. ... game.shtml

Now I will be more cautious when it comes to s/es sounds, I promise.
And I am relieved that I didn´t write "strangled" wouldn´t be surprised at all, the way I am these days!
Thanks for noticing, and for your participation.

Ah, "largada pelo marido" would be the standard Portuguese, but you would/will hear "mulher largada do marido." (even tough not being the right way.)
Of course, I am not suggesting that we have to learn the wrong way, just that sometimes it happens, and I have travelled/lived in many places, so it´s as if I had to learn things like this. it´s more commom than some people may think.

Juliana Rios 19340 24 101 395
And I am relieved that I didn´t write "strangled".

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