Como dizer "Olhar para o próprio umbigo" em inglês

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Em Português : Olhar para o próprio umbigo
Em Inglês ...... : Navel-gazing

1 - Let me exercise my favourite occupation of navel-gazing.
2 - Haven't you got anything better to do than to sit there navel-gazing?

(pensar só em si - introspecção excessiva)
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"To contemplate one's navel" is how I best know this phrase. I found the below at the "The Pun Also Rises" website. (The name of the website obviously comes from the name of the novel The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway.)

The Pun Also Rises
(as seen in the North Adams Transcript)
"A Little Omphaloskepsis"

Today, I wanted to write my column about procrastination. But I kept putting it off, so it will have to wait until next week. And I know it's hard to take a humor writer seriously when his life is a joke, but I really mean it -- procrastination column soon. If I get around to it.

For now, though, I'd like to discuss one of the other things I do aside from procrastination, and that's omphaloskepsis. Omphaloskepsis is a word that means literally "contemplating one's navel." It is derived from the Greek words "omphalos," meaning navel, and "skepsis," meaning enquiry. And I tell you this not only to make you smarter and better than all of your friends, but so you will understand when I tell you how I spend my evenings.

If I sit around thinking and not doing much else, we might say that I am "contemplating my navel" aka "engaging in omphaloskepsis," or perhaps "being a philosophy major," or even "preparing for a government job."
Now usually, contemplation of one's navel is just a metaphor for idle thought, or an aid to meditation, but lately I've literally been contemplating my navel. It's an innie....

Innie = a belly button that goes inside the body.
Outtie = a belly button that protrudes from the body/