Como dizer "Pela força da lei" em inglês

Olá, gostaria de saber se está gramaticalmente certa a expressão "by force of law", com o mesmo significado de: "pela força da lei".

Dei uma pesquisada rápida e encontrei este tópico: Wordreference

E a seguinte resposta:
The expression "by force of law" occurs more in the US than the UK. In the UK it would equate to "under the law" or "because of the law".
Mas de qualquer forma, como não encontrei muitas ocorrências de "by force of law" gostaria de confirmar se está certa a expressão.


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Hello, Mr Lacheski here!

Well, the expression "by force of law" refers to something that is enforced or valid because it is mandated by law or statute. In other words, it describes the legal authority or power that compels compliance or recognition. When something is done or accepted "by force of law, " it means it is being done or accepted because it is required or permitted under the laws of a particular jurisdiction.

Here are some example sentences using the phrase "by force of law":

1 - The new regulations regarding data privacy were implemented by force of law, requiring all companies to adhere to strict guidelines.
2 - Citizens are required to pay taxes by force of law, with penalties imposed for non-compliance.
3 - The eviction was carried out by force of law after the tenant failed to pay rent for several months.
4 - By force of law, individuals must wear seat belts while driving for their own safety.
The court's decision to grant custody to the mother was made by force of law, considering the best interests of the child.
5 - Employers are obligated to provide a safe working environment by force of law, as outlined in occupational health and safety regulations.
6 - The contract was deemed invalid by force of law due to a breach of its terms.
7 - Discrimination based on race, gender, or religion is prohibited by force of law in many countries.
8 - The government implemented new environmental policies by force of law to mitigate pollution and protect natural resources.
9 - The suspect was arrested by force of law and charged with theft according to the criminal code.

So, it is a correct term to use!

Kind Regards!