Como dizer "pelo amor de Deus" em inglês

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Como dizer "pelo amor de Deus" em inglês?

Sugestão: For heaven's sake.
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Silvia Mattos
Hi, I've learned this expression : FOR PETE’S SAKE! como pelo amor de Deus
Ex : Oh, for Pete’s sake, stop it! - Ah, pelo amor de Deus, pare com isso!


Prisca 10
O mais comum é "For God's sake".

Mas "sake" também pode significar "bem". Ex: "For your sake, go home" ("Pelo seu bem, vá para casa").


josneywat 315 6
For God's sake!
For heaven's sake!
For Christ's sake!
For the love of MIke! (less frequent)
For goodness' sake!
For Pete's sake!
There are many euphemisms for God.

or even for Muslims : For Allah's sake!
And even the vulgar usage which is used when some is frustrated:

For f*ck's sake, mate! Stop shooting at me!

And the related "For crying out loud" as in:

Oh! For crying out loud, get off the computer! You've been there for ages!

Matheus Leme
For Heaven's Sake!
For God's Sake!

dlr 85
For the love of god!

Zumstein 11890 1 24 388
For cripe's sake!
- An expression of surprise.

For cripes sake, Rob! Stop that.
Pelo amor de Deus, Rob! Pare com isso.