Como dizer "Remando contra a maré" em inglês

Estou procurando utilizar o verbo to paddle no meu dia a dia e quero saber se ele pode ser utilizado com esse sentido.
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''Paddle against the tide'' pode ser usado "como remar contra a maré.''

''Jackson seems to be paddling against the tide in one respect. Recent union elections have seen leftwingers triumphing for the first time...'' []

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Ivani, você pode dizer: "Going against the flow" (Lit., ir contra o fluxo)

Veja também: ... he+tide%22

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Fighting an uphill battle.

It may have two meanings, though. That of doing something really, really difficult, and that of not agreeing with everyone else (that is likely jumping on the bandwagon), Wikipedia sums this up:

Signs you're getting into an uphill battle
You're the only person reverting to a specific version on a fairly popular article.
Your comments directly contradict one or more existing policies.
You're absolutely, positively certain that you're right, or at least that everyone else is wrong.
You're arguing with an administrator.

Example of it from excerpts found on Google:
Herald Sun: The financial planning profession as a whole now faces an uphill battle to overcome the reputational damage caused by one large bad apple.

Holders and users of traditional knowledge face an uphill battle in most parts of the world to protect their lands, their practices and institutions...

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Going against the grain.