Como dizer "Reunião de professores" em inglês

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Reunião de professores = staff meeting

Source: search for "staff" on Google, and you'll see this: "the teachers in a school or college.
"a staff meeting""

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It seems that usually staff is deemed as a "corpo, quadro, time; assessores, auxiliares, colaboradores, funcionários, profissionais" (Tecla SAP).
So, a staff meeting, in most cases would be that of teachers and staff taken togheter. Unless there´s a very small school where teachers would do a lot of things, including the teaching.
The school staff is excellent. (a equipe, o pessoal da escola é excelente.) Source: Tecla SAP.
Of course, private schools will show in their sites mainly their class teachers and teacher assistants, even cover teachers (depending on the level/grade).
Thus, chances are that the site forgo speech and language therapist, learning support teachers, occupational therapists, counseling and guidance personnel, educational psychologists, physioterapists, yada yada yada...
So, I think "teacher´s meeting" (only teachers) and "staff and teachers meeeting" (not only teachers) would more likely here.
It´s me, though, others may prove otherwise or come up with different insights on this one.
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