Como dizer "Sair do lugar" em inglês

Andre de Araujo 15
Hello Friends!
I need a help. I would like how can you say "Sair do lugar" in English?
I can't "sair do lugar" this situation that I am here today! (Eu nao consigo sair do lugar nesta situação me encontro hoje!)
Thank a lot.
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1 resposta

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I feel stuck in life.

I do feel stuck these days, I have to fix it, I have to study, get a job, go out – do anything to get unstuck!

I feel as if I can't do any further progress, I am stuck in a rut in this city. I need to move, do something about my life.

I find myself in a dead end in life, but then I know that when reaching a dead end it might be a turning point. Elsewhere they claimed that nobody hits dead ends in life, but plateaus or little gaps, a crossroad, a detour to other places! Or a new beginning.

At 21, Harvey Harris felt he was at a dead-end in life as far as a job or career went "I'd let the opportunities in school go by," he said. "I'd left school early and saw no future for myself."It was very depressing for him.
Source: Getty Images site.

What did Harris do? He applied to a job with the Sidney County Council – Harris got training and it´s an electrician, linesman, and he is happy with the job.