Como dizer "Se aproximar de seus clientes" em inglês

Como dizer "Se aproximar de seus clientes" em inglês
Olá, pessoal!

Aqui não digo no sentido de "approach". É a empresa aproximar-se dos clientes como um todo. Também acho que "come close" não fica bom.

O que vocês usariam?

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Get close to: aproximar-se de
Customers: clientes

Exemplos de uso com "get close to" (Google):
  • Eight proven ways to get close to your customers and find out what they value, what they care about, what they really want.
  • Certainly one of the best ways to reach out and get close to your customers is by making effective use of the Web and the Internet.
  • To get close to your customers you need to know who they are, and you will probably need to compile a database of information about them.
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A "customer-friendly" company to me would do. If we have to give a short answer.

Meaning that that company goals hinges on the customer experience as a whole, but perhaps an answer like that would be overly simplistic. Since it involves a series of intervowen actions and relationships.
To name a few needed "traits":
  • brand familiarity, among in his field and how it stands in relation to competition (and in comparison to it as well);
  • company image, along with customer satisfaction with its products and/or services;
  • the likelihood of recommendation from a customer to another;
  • how and if the company deliver (to do what it states, if it is up to the expectations);
  • strengths/weaknesses compared with competition, and price (after weighing these and other factors, is the product worth it?);
  • effectiveness of electronic channels, including post-sale service and solution of problems in a reasonable period of time;
  • A good handle of complaints, negative views, and that looks customer complaints in a positive sense (we must learn from our mistakes as well);
  • customer service as a whole with proper training and a welcoming manner (not robotic, of course);
  • representatives with interpersonal relationship competence;
  • a continuous study of customer satisfaction and enthusiasm, along with keeping in tune with the market (and marketing) trends;
  • prompts feedback in general.
To name a few, so not to think that customer friendly is only about price!
"Customer friendly'" is short for quality-enhanced in general, and that goes back to employees, suppliers, customers, drivers, stackholders in general.
Hey, PPaulo

Thanks for your help!
Actually I was looking for a verb. A verb to say something like "aproximar-se dos clientes".
What do you think?
Thanks a lot.
I was not sure whether we could use that in this case.
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Good question, and good answers as well. ;)
You are welcome.