Como dizer "Tá na seca" em inglês

Estar na seca é(infelismente) uma expressão muito usada por muitos brasileiros. Em resumo, alguém que tá na seca está com carência sexual a um bom tempo.

João está na seca faz dois meses( João tem dois meses sem fazer amor com ninguém)

Tereza tem 2 anos que tá na seca total pois o seu marido morreu.( Depois que o marido dela morreu ela não teve relação com ninguém)

Bom como essa situação é sofrida por muitos e bastante popular, poupa explicações mais profundas.

Bom, existe algum equivalente que soe como gíria em inglês para esta expressão?

Best regards

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Thomas 7 61 297
Context is everything! In most of the following, the listener has to know you are talking about sex.

He is going through a dry spell. (spell = periódo de tempo)
(The same expression could also mean that he has not written, created, worked, etc. for a while.)

He has not gotten any for two months.
He has not gotten any leg for two months. (This is very clear and no context is needed.)
Thanks thomas. The interesting of these expressions is they are look like of portuguese.

He has not gotten any for two months( Ele não dá uma faz dois meses)

Thanks for helping me.

best regards
Thomas 7 61 297
The funny thing is that everyone knows what "any" means!

When an American takes about "tail", he does not mean it in the Brazilian sense. It's just standard sex.

Here are two for your American slang vocabulary:
San Quintin quail
Jail bait
Both mean sex with a girl under the legal age for consensual sex. I am not talking about sexual child abuse! In most states, a female has to be at least 16 to engage legally in sex. If she is under that age, the man can be convicted of "statutory rape", a very serious crime. If he is also very young, some times the courts are lenient. Be sure to pronounce "Quintin" as in English, not as in Spanish. KWIN-tin, not Kin-TIN. San Quintín is, of course, a major prison in California.
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Thomas escreveu:The funny thing is that everyone knows what "any" means!

When an American talks about "tail", he does not mean it in the Brazilian sense. It's just standard sex.
I think 'dry spell' is the best equivalent, but 'chasing tail' is a funny slang too!

thomas - hey claudemir, you coming to daniel's party?
claudemir- no I'm chasing some tail downtown.. I'm in a bit of a dry spell if you know what I mean. :oops:
Thanks guys again:
To strenghen the explanetion I figured these links out: ... ing%20tail

But I have heard "chasing tail" as another meaning which
means that someone doing something and can not get sucess with his/her effort or can not get any where.

There is a lovely song of the band Coldplay called The scientist which, I think ,has this term(chasing tail) which means something without a sexual meaning.

Running in circles, Chasing tails
Coming back as we are
By the way, the tranlation is a little bit crazy.