Como dizer "Uma dose de [bebida]" em inglês

JacksonB 2
Dizer uma dose, tomar uma dose [de bebida alcoólica]
Source: ... beverages/

MacMillan Dictionary says:

shot / ʃɑt / noun ***
▸ 1 when gun is fired
▸ 2 throw/hit/kick of ball
▸ 3 view/photograph
▸ 4 attempt to do/get something
▸ 5 when drug is put in body
▸ 6 small alcoholic drink
▸ 7 something said/done as attack
▸ 8 heavy metal ball
▸ 9 balls fired from shotgun

"Students taking vodka shots through the eye" (Literally through the eye.)

"... Saw doctors knocking back shots of alcohol and ..."

To knock back=To gulp (an alcoholic drink).

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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Taking a swill of cachaça = tomando uma [dose de] cachaça.

swill = a draft of liquor.

[Source: Webster's Third New International Dictionary on CD v.3.0]

As far as the Internet, swill may mean a draft of any (non-) alcoholic beverage.
Thomas 7 61 291
to take a slug
to take a pull on (a bottle)
to take a sip
to take a nip
et cetra....
Adriano Japan 2 20 :mrgreen:

Girl I know you feel good
Just like you look
Couple more shots
You open up like a book
I ain't tripping
(Cause I'mma read ya)
I ain't tripping
(I just wanna please ya)
I'mma take a shot of *Nuvo
Shawty didn't you know
It's going down
And we can go and kick it like Judo
You know what I mean
Shawty got drunk thought it all was a dream
So I made her say "Ah Ah Ah"
Now she got her hands on my legs
Got my seats all wet in my ride
All over my ride
She look me dead in the eye (eye eye)
Then my pants got bigger
She already knew what the figure
Had her looking at her boyfriend
Like that
JacksonB 2
Thank you all guys for the different ways to say that and thanks for the video. :)

See ya.