Como dizer “Virar o fio” em inglês

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Ex.: "O Bota virou o fio".

Desandar, cair muito de rendimento (típico do “cavalo paraguaio”).

Do time de futebol que começa muito bem e vai progressivamente decaindo durante o campeonato diz-se que virou o fio. (Babylon)
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Botafogo got off to a flying start, then slid down the table during the championship.

Here's an example of a joke about teams when they hit the rock bottom (not Botafogo's case, I must say):

That team is the strongest in the division because they are holding the rest up (on the table).
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Also "to go downhill", "to slump", "to go south".
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They scored the first goal and soon after got the second, and once that went in we lost our way.
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Jupp Heynckes's team are undefeated at home this season, but a dip in form has seen them fall three points off the pace and two behind their upcoming visitors.

Torres adapted seamlessly and scored 33 goals in his first season to surpass the tally set by Ruud van Nistelrooy to become the most prolific foreign debutant in English football. He maintained a hugely-impressive strike rate at Liverpool, but in 2010 suffered a dip in form (caiu o rendimento) as he struggled with injuries towards the end of the campaign.

The next day, Johan Djourou stated that "Arshavin showed he is a great player", because of his winning goal and his rising performance from his recent dip in form.

“We had two very strong performances against Charlotte and Furman, and then we had that slight dip in form where we conceded goals against teams we shouldn’t have,” ... ns-record/