Como dizer "você também pode participar" em inglês

Jerry Dorien 4 46
Hi pessoal,

Como digo "você também pode participar conosco" em inglês?

Seria "you can take part with us too"?

Thanks in advance.

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Donay Mendonça 22 103 1.5k
Olá Jerry,

Minha sugestão:

You can join us too. ... t_312.html

Boa sorte!
Jerry Dorien 4 46
Valeu Donay,

Boa dica, soa mais natural.

Thanks a lot.
maryziller 1 2
JERRYDORIEN escreveu:Hi pessoal,

Como digo "você também pode participar conosco" em inglês???

seria "you can take part with us too"??
The following is a list of sentences. The first sentences are informal. The sentences become increasingly formal as you go down the list.

We often preface them with "Come on," which is even more informal and softer (more encouraging).

[Come on], you can join us.
You can join us.
You can join in.
You can join in the fun.
You can join in on the fun.

Também would be 'too' or "as well."
When you put the too after the 'you' it emphasizes it. Normally, we put the 'too' at the end of the sentence.
You, too, can join us.
You can join us, as well.
You can join us, too (as Donay said).
Come on, join us, as well.
Come on, join us, too.

You can participate [in something, in this, in an activity].
You can take part [in the festivities, in the discussion].
You are cordially invited to take part [in the discussion, competition, the festivities, the celebration].

You are invited to partake of a feast in honor of the Chancellors 60th birthday.
Come, partake in my joy at my marriage ceremony.
Catholics are supposed to partake of the Sacrament [of Holy Eucharist] on Sundays.
The Christian Disciple is to partake of righteousness as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ. (ex from internet)
"He won't partake in the victory celebratrion." from: