Como traduzir a formação "Técnico em..." para o inglês

Pessoal, como traduzir o título "Técnico em..." para o inglês?

Por exemplo: alguém formado em um curso técnico de publicidade é um "técnico em publicidade". Como traduzir isso?

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Well, I would say that with university status an associate degree (equivalent to the first two years of university studies).
And vocational training in Advertising (strategy) and Creativity (for example), could be others vocational technical programs aimed to train people at high-school level to qualify them to the job market. ... cal_school

While seeking a job, I am not sure what one would advertise himself, there are a variety of jobs, and one would see what his course description would lead him.
For example, I have seen positions to "audio visual technician/marketing specialist/marketing assistant/technical publisher, etc.

So, I leave it at that, people with vocational degrees please give it a stab, so we learn more on the subject.
Paulo, thank you! I had already been to that wiki page. It's difficult! Because in English I only found the word "technician" related to IT, machinery, and stuff like that. I am translating a school transcript of a what we call in Brazil "curso técnico". Is high school level. In the transcript someone is granted a diploma for the course of "técnico em publicidade". And there's no such thing in English (or at least I couldn't find). The closest I got is to what they call "Certificate Programs". So I translated to "Certificate in Advertising". And then comes "com o título profissional de Técnico em Publicidade". I stopped there... Lol. I'm seriously thinking about going with "Analyst" or something. Thanks, anyway. Let's see if someone else will share their two cents.
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Acho que seria "Technician" mesmo

Marketing Technician
Advertising Technician
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Yeah, agreed. Perhaps one can advertise himself as being a marketing technician with an AA education degree, for example.
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Muito mais hits para Specialist do que Technician, no google também. Eu usaria "specialist"

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Mas, acho que "specialist" seria quem faz uma pós graduação, "technician" quem faz um curso técnico.