Correção de frase: "Either one works.''

AlineF20 60 1
Ola tudo bem?
Nesse exemplo o uso de either está correto?

"In a general discussion, such as describing what a car did after leaving heavy traffic for the open road, either one works."

Ou seria Any?
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1 resposta

Bryan Philpott 3250 10 86
We need more context to say for sure. "Either" is used when there are two options to choose from.

"Any one works" would be avoided in this situation to prevent confusion with the word anyone. The way around this is to say something like: "any of these [options/choices] would work."

Context would still be needed as to what we're talking about here, because the most natural phrasing can vary: "any of them would work", "any of these would work", "any of those would work", "any of them will work", "any of these will work"...