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England is a country with good socioeconomic and is recognized worldwide as a great power and also house the world's best colleges, where many students from around the world seek to specialize. It is commented by the entire world to contain a still strong monarchy, ruled by Queen Elizabeth II, and as Prime Minister David Cameron. This country is surrounded by numerous tourist attractions; we can mention one of the main, Big Ben, which is one of the postcards of London. Every year thousands of people visit this place to enjoy this tower of 98 meters built in 1288 and restored in 1834 after a fire. There is also a circular stone monument surrounded by very famous historians called Stonehenge, located in southern England where esteemed that was built more than 2000 years BC. Moreover, England is also known for having invented football, now is certainly the most practiced sports in the world, as seen in World Cups, where everyone stops to cheer for their country. In this sport there is the cricket and rugby are very popular in that country. A magnificent country with great history and many beauties to show the world, this is the characterization that I give to England, which is surely the dream of every student, reach this country.

Se alguem puder corrigir este texto eu serei muito grato.
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1. Para cartão postal, não use "post card" neste caso, use "landmark":

Como dizer cartão postal em inglês

2. No lugar de "practiced", sugiro usar "popular": one of the most popular sports in the world. Soa mais natural.

3. No lugar de "reach this country", sugiro usar "go to live in this country".