Correção de texto para site

Oi pessoal, estou procurando uma boa alma para me ajudar com esse texto, passei horas escrevendo mas ainda acho que tem alguns erros (especialmente nas duas primeiras partes), se alguém puder me dar uma força agradeço muito!

IMD is a global stage for new-music, daily posts and hundreds of artists released.
Currently we have more than 21k subscribers on youtube, so a good option to promote your song is to upload it on our channel as our music video pattern.
Besides, if you already have a review done, we can create a post on the website so it can be spreaded over the social networks.

Your music is listened to from the perspective of typical new-music lover. Please note that the feedback you will receive will be our honest feeling about your music and should be accepted as a constructive note.

Our preferences lean towards indie, rock / pop / electro / folk / alternative, but also R&B and soul music now. Original track only. No covers, previews, remixes, instrumentals or 'live' performances.
Then, if you're making something awesome, I'd love to listen to that!