Diálogo em Inglês: No Restaurante

Can I see the menu, please?

B: Yes, here you are.

{a few minutes later}

A: Are you ready to order, sir?
B: Yes, I'd like a bagel with cream cheese and two toasts with scrambled eggs, please.
A: Would you like something to drink?
B: A cup of coffe with cream and a glass of orange juice.

{minutes later}

A: Was everything all right?
B: Yes, delicious. Can I have the check, please. I'd like to pay by credit card.
A: Yes, of course.
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See? It works! You have made your first posting. Welcome to the EE site!
I assume that it was a test, since you have not made it a question, and I have seen that dialogue in a book, if memory serves me well. Again, welcome aboard! ;-)