Email below x Below email: Qual a forma correta?

victorfgv 65 1
What's the correct?

"Please see email below" or "Please see below email"?

Para...Favor verificar e-mail abaixo.

I found the both ways in Google
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PPAULO 47805 6 40 849
Let´s split your question and answer it in a twofold way.
First, "below" being an adverb it wouldn´t modify a noun, so it would be " below" grammatically, speaking I say.
But there are supporters of both camps, when it comes to usage (that´s why you find both ways on the internet - a lots of times, not once or a couple of times).

I have seen in text/exams, e.g. "the passage below" a lot, so I am more in favor of this way. But I wouldn´t sue one that would use "...the below passage"
(on the safe side, I suggest you use the first way with official or academical communication).

But, here comes the second part...a big "but"
Some would say that "email below" wouldn´t express what you mean, unless the email is an image on a web page it comes with some writing above it.
So, in this case a more apt way to express it would be "the following email/the attached email". But then, in this case we are thinking in terms of academical rigor. If you send an emal to a friend or something, in a non-official capacity you can use those forms.

But then, this is a student point of view, sort of. So, others may agree or disagree with it. Let´s wait for more answers.!topic ... tghb33BRN4 ... z/post.htm

victorfgv 65 1
Therefore, Can I use both ways?

But, in the case "Please find attached document", I cannot use "...document attached", right?

Tipo, eu posso usar as duas formas, mas se eu for falar de um documento anexado, só posso usar uma?

PPAULO 47805 6 40 849
"Documento anexado" would be "attached file". You could use "I have enclosed the attached file", for instance.
As I said, both ways could be used with colloquial language; I mean in a very informal way.

victorfgv 65 1
So in formal language, I can only use one way, is that right?

PPAULO 47805 6 40 849
On the safe side, yes.

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