Exercício: Texto em Inglês - Manifestações no Brasil

Texto em Inglês - Manifestações no Brasil

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1. Read the text below - leia o texto abaixo

Brazil's President Rousseff proposes vote on political reforms

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- After meeting with representatives from Brazil's widespread protest movement, President Dilma Rousseff on Monday proposed a national plebiscite to reform Brazil’s political system. The move may help undercut claims she has not been sufficiently responsive to the demonstrations that have brought thousands of people to the streets in various cities in recent days. More protests were planned for Tuesday. “I want to, right now, propose a debate around calling a popular plebiscite to authorize a specific constituent process to carry out the political reform the country needs so much," Rousseff said in Brasilia, the capital.The specifics of the referendum would be defined later, but it would probably tackle campaign finance and associated corruption, said Joao Augusto de Castro Neves, a political analyst at the Eurasia Group in Washington. Rousseff also announced support for new legislation that would assign harsher penalties for corruption, one of the specific demands of protests that continued after the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro reversed bus fare hikes, the initial focus of the demonstrations that have gripped the country for almost two weeks.“Brazil is ripe to move forward, and has made it very clear the country doesn’t want to stay stuck where it is now,” she said. [Los Angeles Times - USA]

2. Escolham a opção com as melhores traduções para as expressões sublinhadas.

A. Amostras - relato - aumentos - preso
B. Manifestações - plebiscito - mudanças - preso
C. Manifestações - plebiscito - aumentos - parado
D. Protestos - relato - aumentos - parado

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Letter C.
I think the correct answer is C.
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Letra C

Bons estudos!