Expression on the book "In search of Captain Zero"

Luan Braga
Hi folks,
I was reading the book In search of captain Zero and the expression up-and-bolt came across.

"Tony had experieced his own up-and-bolt epiphany after loosing his job..."

What's the meaning of this expression?
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Had never found "up-and-bolt" this way before, the closest thing I can think of is "rise up and bolt forward" (which could be something that shakes you, or makes you spring to action all of sudden). So to my thinking, it could be a shortening of the sentence.

Or it could be thought as "all-out" (total/completa - in the sense of "sheer" or "total") epiphany, these ones I take from the context, that is, it´s a probability (and a hunch of mine, for that matter.).