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November 1, 2009

International Students Play a Big Role in Canadian Economy, Report Says
By Karen Birchard

Foreign students contributed 6.5 billion Canadian dollars to the nation's economy in 2008, or about $6-billion in U.S. dollars, more than did either lumber or coal exports, a government minister told university leaders last week.

That figure, which does not include exports of educational services, illustrates why the government has placed a high priority on promoting Canada as a destination for international students.

The financial information comes from a report commissioned by Canada's department for foreign affairs and international trade, which the minister of international trade, Stockwell Day, released on Wednesday at the fall meeting of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

The report, "Economic Impact of International Education in Canada," measured the economic impact of visa students who were in the country longer than six months and found that they spent "in excess of $6.5-billion on tuition, accommodation, and discretionary spending." It compares that figure with two traditionally key segments of Canada's wealth, exports of coal ($6.07-billion) and of coniferous lumber ($5.1-billion).

It also credited international study in Canada with creating over 83,000 jobs and generating more than $291-million in revenue.

There were 178,227 international students in Canada in 2008 according to the report. Those numbers are expected to rise this year as Canada steps up its marketing.

The department of foreign affairs and international trade now spends around $2-million to market Canada as a study destination. However, the universities would like to see the government increase that amount tenfold. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, in a prebudget submission to the House of Commons Finance Committee, suggested that an "appropriate level" of spending on recruiting international students and promoting Canada's universities to potential students abroad "would be $20-million per year for five years."

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