Just another view about Au Pairs etc...

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I was surfing the net and looking for some things in English, by chance, I found this.
http://harvardjlg.com/wp-content/upload ... Chuang.pdf

Up to you now, it´s open to comments, tips, views etc. Have your say.
Ah, just for information´s sake, I am not trying to give a gloomy view of things, or invite polemics, it´s that I never had seen some study on Au Pairs and Exchange, by reading I thought you might find some things interesting.
See you again.
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Dude, a parada é a seguinte:

Enquanto tiver trouxa, que nos países de origem (comumente os do "terceirão") considere o lixeiro o mais baixo na escala de trabalho, mas que por uma vaga temporária no paraíso em troca de uns trocados e da famigerada aquisição de cultura, estufe o peito de orgulho pra dizer que limpa b* de muleke mal educado na gringa. O tal programa de trabalho informal de mão de obra barata, referido oficialmente como de troca de cultura, vai continuar a existir.
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I didn´t mean to be judgemental, just found it surprising in some ways. First of all, as pointed out in the paper '' Of all the literature I encountered, only three studies focus on the situation of au pairs in the United States specifically,4 and none address it from a legal perspective.This Article attempts to fill the gap. It exposes how the legal categorization
of au pairs as “cultural exchange participants”...

So, many in Brazil upon receiving guest students treat them as such (cultural exchange participants), and in doing so, they have almost an status of a member of the family. Not that all of our students will have meet such fate (one or other can be lucky and be in a home in wich who lives there is a couple, without any child and be almost the age of the student, yada yada yada...)
And, other day I saw in a magazine an ad to au pairs in Australia, exclusively to feminine students (that made think for the first time, why not guys?), not that I want guys baby-sitting, but guys could do other types of activities.
The au-pair student has some advantages (one of these is learning the language as it is, interactivity etc), what I wanted to point out is that the student deserve to have a more satisfactory experience (of course, there are cases and cases).