Ladies and Gentlemen

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Ladies and gentlemen.

Let me introduce you to the new translator of Google. He is sensational, in my concept it is the miracle of human capacity.

I'd like you all teachers of the blog, more qualified, to give your opinion about it.

On the other hand I think this talent is lacking in the defense of our forests, our glaciers, our coastlines, etc..

By the way, little or nothing is said, also in this blog, of contemporary issues such as the meeting in Copenhagen, global warming, weather disasters, etc..

Does studying a language (English) would be much more enjoyable and useful if we touch on a subject as "global warming" once in a while?

Am I mixing it?

Is it not my, or our, beach?

Sorry folks, but sometimes I feel like an ostrich who sticks his head in a hole and leave the rest of the body out, every time it faces a problem.

Bye folks.

Excuse me for anything, but I’d like to hear (read) your view about it.

I have all of you in high regard, needless to say that.
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Hi zumstein,

Yes, it would be nice to talk about subjects like this here in the forum.

What about creating a topic named “Let’s talk about Global Warming”?

best regards,
Avatar do usuário zumstein 9260 20 280
It would be great Flávia.
We might feel more in the global context.
I hope that others agree.

Kiss Flávia.