Significado de "Wasted and Wasted go"

Hello everyone.

I'd like an assist about two words in wich a tried search on Internet, but I don't find it meaning.

I am playing GTA V (That I like very much play) and when the cops beat me or when the cars hit me appear the word "Wasted" I don't know whether meaning(Abater, Morrer).

The other word is "Wasted go". I saw this word in song the band "Plush - Stone Temple Pilots" in one stretch says.

"And I feel that time's a wasted go"

Thank a lot

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Avatar do usuário Thomas 14320 7 58 283
Andre, I am a native speaker and I have NO IDEA what "wasted go" could mean.

"To waste", in slang, can mean to kill, to destroy, to become intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
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Avatar do usuário PPAULO 40175 6 32 699
To the game expression I would say it means "perdido/gasto/usado" (o carro não pode mais ser usado, tá quebrado, não serve mais pra nada.)

"And I feel that time´s a wasted go." is the same as "And I feel that time has a wasted go."
Loosely translated we could say "...e eu sinto que a vida tem um "quê" de tempo "passado" (isto é, não volta atrás) OR "...e eu sinto que a vida tem uma "vibe", uma "energia" tipo, algo que se vai consumindo, decaíndo...o tempo vai passando, se exaurindo, é consumível e consumido.

A ideia passada, é algo do tipo com a música brasileira que diz que "não há tempo a perder".
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 40175 6 32 699
I deduce from the lyrics, from the Thesaurus "GO" entry and Wordreference, that it certainly mean "energia" in the sense of vibe.
That´s music, after all, and with music they use a lot of poetic licence. But, yes it could be a "wasted go" in the sense of a vibe of intoxication, since he talks about the dog sniffing the smell, perhaps of the drinking! ... plush.html