Starting Small

Starting small is necessary, after all, we must start somewhere. I'm currently a production assistant at a furniture factory. I honestly dislike my job very much. I suffered there a lot because I had many problems to adapt and they just judged and a few people helped me. They exchanged me into another department, there I had help and learnt what I needed to do. But to work there you must not be a lazy ass because you don't stop any time. At that machine which I'm working on, you must move quickly. It throws pieces of woods and I need to catch and pile them on its place. Each wood has different size, so I have to select and separate them according to their size. It's exhausting, besides, when I started working there, everybody said I did a good job. It has always been three people working there, now we are just in two. I didn't like that at all because now I must work harder and faster to take over the load. Besides my job, I'm also doing a degree in languages and studying English every day. I'm saving money to go to America in 2019, trying to get a teaching position in any English school and at the moment my life comes down to it.
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