Buzzes me in; standard-issue - Tradução em português

Making the whole arrangement even stranger are the elements of normality. A receptionist buzzes me in and checks my ID, and then a businesslike young woman, Assange's assistant, leads me through into a standard-issue meeting room, where a young man who has something to do with publicity at Assange's publishers is sitting in front of a laptop. There are pieces of camera equipment and a tripod; someone suggests coffee. It all looks and feels like an ordinary interview.

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A recepcionista me chama pelo interfone/telefone interno e verifica minha identificação/identidade....

me leva por uma sala de reunião usual/regular/normal (sem nada de sofisticado)

Next time, let us know if it is a question or a statement, or if it is to be proofread etc.
These days communication is getting an unusual and rare thing, even within family, indeed to say thank you, please, good night etc is a welcome introduction (or a smile), and it makes people more willing to help other out.
One is not only to teach English (or any other matter) but some rules as how society works better to our favor, and how much we need of niceties (so forgotten these days).
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