Dummy it down - Tradução em português

Olá pessoal! O que significa dummy it down nesse contexto? Qual a melhor tradução?

Plug in real numbers . In other words, “dummy it down” by using
convenient numbers in place of letters (variables) to make a problem
more concrete. This very powerful strategy can be used on multiplechoice
questions as well as the grid-in questions.

thanks in advance

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ah sim, a proposito, quando se diz "plug in real numbers" pode ser traduzido como "se ligue nos números reais?
Daniel.S 1 2 7
plug in neste caso - colocar
Thomas 7 61 291
to dummy it down = to simplify, make easy to understand
Thanks @daniel and thanks @thomas

dummy it down is exotic a lot.

Thomas 7 61 291
An alternative to "to dummy it down" is "to water it down". (When you mix water with gasoline, you are watering down the gasoline. If you drink milk with water in it, you are drinking "watered down milk".) Even biology, geology, history, etc. "can be watered down".

KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid